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Monitor Island, Lake County Land Trust

Monitor Island

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Monitor Island is a unique feature of Clear Lake and important to protect

Monitor Island is open to boaters dawn to dusk. Monitor Island is in Lily Cove on Clear Lake in Clearlake, CA. Click here for map below.


In 2023 the Lake County Land Trust acquired Monitor Island off the shoreline of Clearlake Park. This small (four acres) but significant piece of land was transferred to the Land Trust from the State of California Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

Among the captivating features of Clear Lake are the islands and the Land Trust is pleased to be entrusted with one of them and welcomes the opportunity to work with the tribes, the Koi and Elem, to manage, interpret and protect this island which is part of their ancestral lands.

We understand the importance of preserving and maintaining this Monitor Island and we are committed to doing our best to ensure that it remains healthy and accessible to the public. 

The tiny island is only approachable by boat and thus does not present an easy opportunity for visiting. It has always been available to public visitation by boat and will remain so.

Monitor Island
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