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Boggs Lake, Lake County Land Trust

Boggs Lake Preserve


​Boggs Lake Preserve is open dawn to dusk


Boggs Lake Preserve is located at 6902 Harrington Flat Rd., in Kelseyville CA. Click for map below


Boggs Lake Preserve protects over 200 acres and contains two vernal pools: one main pool which exhibits the characteristic ecosystem traits for a vernal pool, and one smaller, often dry vernal pool which drains into the larger one. Unlike a lake a vernal pool is a depression, lined with a layer of volcanic material, which has created a water-impermeable liner. During the rainy season it collects water. There is no drainage so the water slowly evaporates during the dry season. The volume of Boggs Lake changes dramatically in response to different weather patterns. 

Cole Euken

Boggs Lake Preserve was formerly owned by the Fibreboard Corporation until the early 1970s when an insightful group of California Native Plant Society (CNPS) members, botanists from the University of California and local residents asked the company to consider setting aside the vernal pool and some of the adjacent forest. Fibreboard donated the land for the Boggs Lake Preserve in 1972 and the Nature Conservancy agreed to manage it.  Since 2011 the Lake County Land Trust has co managed Boggs Lake Preserve with the Nature Conservancy. In that time a self-guided nature trail and educational kiosk have been created and the viewing platform for the lake has been replaced.

Over 139 species of birds have been spotted here so don’t forget your binoculars if you decide to explore the ¾ mile self-guided trail and vernal pool viewing platform. Please tread lightly as you enjoy the beauty of this truly unique preserve. Leashed dogs are welcome.


Come on out and find out what a vernal pool is all about!

Boggs Lake, Cole Euken

Cole Euken

Boggs Lake
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