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Wright-Keithly Preserve, Lake County Land Trust

The Kuulanapo Wetland Preserve
(Formerly Wright-Keithly)


An Important Part Of The Big Valley Wetlands Protection Plan

Kuulanapo Wetland Preserve is open by appointment

Call 707-262-0707 or email us at to arrange your visit. The Kuulanapo Preserve is located at 446 Soda Bay Rd.., in Lakeport, CA. Click for maps below.


The Lake County Land Trust (LCLT), with incredible support from its members and the local community, has been successful in acquiring over 280 acres of wetland, riparian, and oak-woodland in the Big Valley Wetlands Area just south of Lakeport.

Falzone & Pfeiffer inspecting

Falzone & Pfeiffer inspecting

The Pitzer Foundation is funding the construction of two educational platforms on the Preserve.  One is on the northeast levee and the other is on the intersection of the northeast and east levees.  These will have seating and educational panels and are ideally placed for wildlife viewing.


LCLT is currently proceeding with a project to reconnect 32 acres of historic wetlands to Clear Lake. These wetlands were separated from Clear Lake by a levee approximately 50 years ago.  Prior to obtaining permits and environmental clearances, biological studies, wetlands delineation, and cultural resources surveys were completed.  The permitting process is underway.


LCLT is working with the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians and FlowWest on plans to restore Manning Creek and to reconnect it to its historic delta on the Preserve.  The plan will optimize water flow for the benefit of Clear Lake hitch spawning.

Wright-Keithly Preserve

Donate to Help Restoration and Maintenance of this Important Wetland Preserve.

The Big Valley Wetlands Complex

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With an outpouring of community support, LCLT purchased the Wright family ranch and, three years later, the adjacent Keithly family ranch. These properties are part of the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife's Big Valley Conceptual Area Protection Plan, valued as preservation-priority parcels because of their impact on the health of Clear Lake and its watershed.  This area has also been identified by community stakeholders in public meetings as the top priority for saving and preserving because of the special qualities found here. 


These two LCLT acquisitions are the ancestral home of the Kuulanapo people. Kuulanapo is Pomo for water lily people. To honor this history, the name for this protected land is the Kuulanapo Wetland Preserve.  The preserve is as close to the original, natural shoreline as you can get.  It's home to black-tailed deer, California quail, wild turkey, raptors, waterfowl such as white pelicans, grebes, black bass, catfish, otter, mink, as well as habitats that support special status species including Clear Lake hitch and western pond turtle.  Habitats found on this property range from lake to creek to freshwater marsh and riparian areas, and from pasture to valley oak woodland.  There is even a small vernal pool!  It's an important conservation project for so many reasons besides how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

Falzone & Pfeiffer inspecting at Wright-Keithly Preservejpg
Wright-Keithly Preserve

LCLT is in the process of surveying and inventorying the Preserve to determine the best way to allow public access and education while at the same time preserving the land, keeping sensitive areas protected, and rehabilitating biomes critical to the health of the lake and other ecosystems. LCLT is working with the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians on a co-management plan.  This plan will enable implementation of traditional ecological knowledge practices, cultural practices, and harvesting of culturally relevant plants by the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians.


Planning to remove internal fencing and replace failing perimeter fencing and gates is underway.  Future plans include walking paths, educational signage along the paths, and possibly a boardwalk over wetland.  Discussion of a bridge over Manning Creek is also taking place.  


THANKS to all who contributed, fundraising for
the Kuulanapo Wetland Preserve!


$1- $99

Mary Brandeau

Thomas R Smythe

Beth Seaward

Joan & Chuck Sturges

Jody Altic

Robert Van Horn

Christie White

Dana & Dan Obermeyer

Linda Marie

Katherine & Ronald Yoder


Larry & Kathy Jansen

John Wise & Evelyn Wachtel

Steve & Linda Hedstrom

Bob Schoenherr

Karen & Kevin Bradley

Kathy & Thomas Scavone

Jim & Susanne Scholz

Richard and Lianne Campodonico

Margaret & Arthur Miller

Vance & Valerie Nau

Neil O & Barbara L Towne

Michele Quere

Broc & Sharron Zoller

$500- $1,000

Paula Bond

Russ & RJ Stager

Roberta & Harry Lyons

Bruce Brugler

Lynne Bruner

Barbara Bruner

Susan King

$5,001- $10,000

Susan Morton

$10,001- $50,000

Lynne & Bernie Butcher

$1,001- $5,000

Rick & Wendy Reynolds
Angela & Richard Birk


Stacy Schummer

..for helping to save the Kuulanapo Wetlands!

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