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March 2024

Land Tending Days

 at Rodman Preserve

Saturday, April 13 and May 4

Attend one or both days

Did you know Lake County is home to a variety of native California Bunch Grass? There are numerous species of these grasses at the Rodman Preserve. Restoring them to their dominance at the Preserve is a goal of Lake County Land Trust (LCLT).

Last year LCLT sponsored a few days to bring interested folks to the Preserve to “tend” a few areas where we are nurturing the native grasses. It was fun gathering outside and making a difference at the Preserve. Are you interested in learning how to identify common native bunch grasses and helping them thrive at the Preserve? Do you like being outside, getting your hands into the Earth, meeting like minded people and sharing a meal? If so, join us at the Rodman Preserve  for “Land Tending Days.” 

The work will only last for two hours at the most, or less if anyone gets tired. Participants will begin their day at 10 a.m. in our Nature Center at the Rodman Preserve.  We will walk out on the trail, watch a tending demonstration, and then start removing the non-native grasses that surround the natives. We will end the day enjoying a lunch provided by the LCLT on the back porch of the Nature Center. 

Please RSVP below for one or both days. We need to know if you are coming by the prior Friday so we make sure to have enough food for everyone. Call 707-262-0707 if you have any questions.

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